The Forest Folk - Snail

The Forest Folk - Snail

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These beautiful woodland pegs are lovingly handcrafted by Beth, who says;

Behold, our favourite mobile home owner, the White-lipped snail. They are very common in the UK, if you look closely, you will likely find them in your garden or local park. Did you know that one of their favourite foods are nettles!

Our snail peg bonnet is hand crafted using 100% wool felt and cotton thread. They come attached to our pegs, glued in place with a non-toxic adhesive.

Their 6.5cm peg body is made from FSC certified wood, and decorated with non-toxic paints and plastic free sealants.

All our peg dolls are CE certified by an independent laboratory, and are not suitable for children under 12 months old.

Our felt parts may be washed in cool water.
Our wood parts are water resistant, not waterproof, and so can be cleaned with a damp cloth but not submerged in water. This includes mouthing.