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Worm Folk

Our favourite collective noun for worms is a squirm. A squirm of worms. It just sounds great doesn't it. Other collective nouns for worms include a wriggle, a knot and a clew; the latter being a historical name for a ball of twine, which a group of worms resemble when they cluster together.

Bee Folk

Have you heard of the folk tradition "telling the bees"? It is an European custom which involves beekeepers telling their hive about important life events like births and marriages. If they forgot to tell them their news it was believed to be bad luck that could incur a penalty, like the bees producing less honey. 

Ladybird Folk

Did you know that many folk tales associate ladybirds and the weather? One Norse myth tells of how the ladybird descended to Earth on a bolt of lightning, which has to be the most metal origin story in the entire insect kingdom!

Spider Folk

There are about 40,000 known species of spider in the world, most of whom use a web to catch their prey. Did you know that spider web silk, for its weight, is actually stronger and tougher than steel? In celebration of this amazing fact, we have embroidered a delicate silvery web on the back of our adorable friends 8 legged body.

Dandelion Folk

Many people think that the dandelion is so called because the sunny fluffer resembles a shaggy mane. But in fact, the dandelion is named after its leaf. The sides of dandelion leaves have a zig-zag shape, which reminded early Europeans of lion's teeth. So they called the plant "dent de lion," which means "lion's tooth" in Old French. Over time, this evolved into the word we use today.

All folk olk are crafted using 100% wool felt and stitched using cotton thread, which is glued in place with a toy safe adhesive. Their 6.5cm peg body is made from FSC certified beech wood and is decorated with toy safe paints, sealant and wood butter.

The folk can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Please note, our pegs are water resistant, not waterproof, and so should not be submerged in water. This includes mouthing.

Each of the folk are hand made, and have their own unique personalities. Because of this, their appearance may differ slightly from our stock photos. 

This peg folk design has been UKCA/ CE certified by an independent laboratory, and is classified as not suitable for children under 12 months old.

Our packaging is recycled, recyclable and compostable; this includes the bags our peg folk travel in, which are certified food safe and so can be reused to pack adventure time snacks.
The Forest Folk are proud to be a climate positive business, offseting our carbon footprint by funding high quality environmental projects. So we can all be sure that our makes don't cost the Earth.