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Your child will have hours of fun playing with these figurines. Each piece is entirely hand made in Southsea using solid pine wood, the pieces are hand cut and sanded until smooth to ensure they are suitable for the smallest of hands. They are then stained and varnished with eco friendly paints and varnish (all certified toy safe). 

Wooden toys are timeless, durable and encourage imagination. They are great quality and eco friendly too!

All the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

All of the Southsea Toy Sets come gift boxed, the individual handmade toys make a lovely gift for a little one or even an adult. 

Dinosaur Set


1x Diplodocus

1x Triceratops

1x T-Rex

Oceans Set


1x Whale

1x Shark

1x Dolphin

Woodland Set


1x Hedgehog

1x Fox

1x Squirrel

Safari Set


1x Elephant

1x Giraffe

1x Lion

Farm Set


1x Cow

1x Pig

1x Sheep

Polar Set


1x Adult Polar Bear

1x Sitting Cub

1x Standing Cub

*please note, ice standing area can be purchased separately

Australian Set


1x Crocodile

1x Kangaroo

1x Koala