Newborn Starter Kit - TotsBots

Newborn Starter Kit - TotsBots

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A quick an easy way to begin using cloth nappies is through the use of muslins and wraps, using muslins is an inexpensive way to have enough nappies to last you the frequent changes over the first few weeks. 

As a result EcoBaba thought it would be a great idea to bring you a small muslin and wrap starter kit that allows for up to 3 changes using 1 system.

The muslin of choice comes from the wonderful Muslinz, a super soft 100% cotton muslin. These are 70cm in size which gives enough to fold over for more absorbency without the added bulk. 

They can be pad folded as well as folded around baby and secured with nappy fasteners.

The wrap can be used up 4-5 consecutive changes provided not soiled by giving it a quick wipe down and replacing the muslin inside.

The wrap in this bundle is the TotsBots Size 1 Peenut Wrap, a fab versatile wrap that can be used over Bamboozle Fitted Nappies, prefolds and the muslins themselves. Can also be used with the Peenut Pads.

Bundle includes:

1x Peenut Wrap (Size 1)

3x Muzlinz Muslins (random neutral colours)

**please note: wrap choice is random, if there is a specific print/colour you would prefer not to be given then please email**