Newborn Starter Kit

Newborn Starter Kit

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Our Newborn starter kits are great for those not knowing where to begin or what nappy may suit. 
They also are a fab baby shower gift for the eco conscious mum to be.

Each starter kit includes;

- 1x Baba & Boo Newborn Nappy (5-18lb)

- 1x Close Popin Newborn Nappy (5-12lb)

- 1x TotsBots Teenyfit Nappy (5-12lb)

- 1x Baba & Boo Cloth Wipes kit (5 pack)


The kit contains 3 different types of nappy, pocket (Baba & Boo), AIO (Totsbots), 2 parter (Close)

This is the best way to get started without committing to one type. 
Find out about the available nappy types on our reusable 101 page.

(Please Note. Prints are picked at random and may not be what you see in the picture)

Please pop us a message at checkout if you would prefer not to have a particular print in your kit.