Close Pop-in BTP Wrap - Popper

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These Close Pop-in covers cannot be used alone, and are specially designed to be used over an absorbent two part nappy or pre-fold. Like our nappies our Pop-in nappy wraps are ideal for either day or night, thanks to our renowned leak-proof double leg gusset. They are cut generous enough to fit over even the bulkiest two-part nappy system. The popper fastening, and stretchy tabs allow a snug, soft fit around baby every time and make it a little harder for little hands to take off!


There is no lining inside the waterproof outer shell so it may be wiped clean and re-used unless soiled.

The newest Puffin print uses the brand new bio laminate, this material is a another first for Pop-in, unlike standard TPU it uses 20-30% renewable plant based ingredients which helps to conserve precious non-renewable energy sources and reduce green house emissions.