About Us

We are Louise and Tara, owners of EcoBaba. We are mums of young families who in an attempt to reduce our environmental impact decided to use cloth nappies on our little ones. 

When we started using cloth there was no support available in our local areas, so once we’d gained experience we set up our own nappy libraries to try and help others who wanted to give it a go.

Both nappy libraries are in Essex and this is how we met.

Louise runs Epping Forest Nappy Library and I (Tara) run the Chelmsford nappy library, we are both extremely passionate about spreading the word on how easy cloth nappies can be and more importantly how we can make it work for you. Our aim is to help you make using cloth nappies a success and we understand you can only do this with the right support, information and guidance.

EcoBaba started as a pop up shop running at the free monthly cloth nappy demo in Epping, we now run and at local fairs and baby shows around Essex and continue to run our demos in Chelmsford and Epping monthly. Due to demand from our customers to be able to purchase the nappies they hire we have now evolved into this online store.

We want parents and carers to be able make a conscious choice for their children, but with minimal complication and we very much believe that the way to succeed with using cloth nappies is to keep it simple. The nappies we sell have been tried and tested by us, so we have first-hand experience of them to be able to give you the best support possible, should you need it.

The brands we have chosen have been picked due to their commitment to high ethical standards. We also believe that using cloth nappies doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ and fully support those who would like to give it a go part time. Even one cloth nappy a day is up to 1000 single use nappies saved from landfill. Our Reusables 101 page gives you an introduction to the types of nappies available and what may suit you best. It also provides a brief overview of how you might care for those nappies to keep them in tip top shape.