Fluffy bums, friendship and all night raving

I decided for our first blog post that I should start at the beginning, the story of how EcoBaba came to be and the journey we've been on to get where we are now. Many of you will know my face, I'm Louise, the over excitable one, and I'm sure you all wonder how I ever manage to get anything done. The answer lies with Tara, the other half of EcoBaba who keeps me on the straight and narrow behind the scenes. 

The Meet Cute

Ok so there actually isn't romance, only love for cloth nappies and eco switches - but a lot of people ask us how we first met. Both Tara and I run cloth nappy libraries in Essex. We give advice, support and hire kits out to people wanting to try before they buy. Tara runs Chelmsford library and I run Epping Forest library. We first met at a gathering set up with all the other Essex nappy libraries, where we all got to know each other more, chatted about our favourite cloth nappies and ate plenty of cake. Our eyes met over some homemade vegan flapjack and a Baba + Boo and that was it, friendship cemented. Our joint passion for helping people to 'get cloth right' and to make it work for them and not the other way around is why you'll never find us advising anyone to buy a bundle of the same type of nappies, unless you already know they work for you. 

The Birth

A small pop up shop was running at the Epping Nappy Library support meetings but with my IT skills resembling those of a hamster a website was somewhat lacking (I'm definitely more notebook than Mac Book), which is where Tara and I decided that two heads are definitely better than one and we joined forces to get the website up and running. We started by getting out and about at the end of 2019, running a pop up stall at eco fairs and baby shows, generally having a fabulous time chatting cloth nappies and meeting some wonderful people. To cut a long story short, we both fell pregnant (again), had our cloth bum babies and then lockdown happened. 

Unconventional partnerships

We continued our journey together, but now our partnership was over WhatsApp rather than face to face. As with all of you, our lives also moved online. I think both of our Husbands have got used to us constantly chatting away on our phones at all hours about reusable nappies, wooden toys and other eco household bits we've fallen in love with. As our passion has grown the business has naturally developed and our range has also grown to include sustainable and ethical toys and eco homeware. Of course our chat hasn't just been business and we've grown our two daughters together but apart, as well as developed a wonderful friendship. We've also been bowled over by the kind, caring and supportive cloth community that's out there and feel humbled to be part of it. It's been heart warming to see the way parents have adapted to supporting each other virtually and taken the village online. It means so much to so many that the community is friendly, kind and welcoming and we feel honoured to be part of that.

Onto the all night raving

Those of you who already chat with us online know we are night owls, not really by choice, but our little girls do like to keep us awake and once they do go to sleep we do that thing that lots of parents do and take that bit of time to ourselves...I'd like to say to unwind, but our best work is done at around midnight. We're over the moon we've been able to continue supporting cloth bum parents online with monthly workshops and have a fab range of washable nappy brands in our line up now including Totsbots, Thirsties, Close Parent and many more, with the fabulous Bear Bott coming very soon. Our toy range is growing and we are so delighted to have added both Plan Toys and the exquisite The Forest Folk to our range in the last month. Most of all we love that we're supporting people to make the little changes that make a big difference to the planet for the future of our children, which is what its really all about, right?

Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we'll be talking about how our own eco journey's both began.





  • Maria

    What a lovely story!

  • Nadia

    Awh, I love this! Such a good opening blog post, I look forward to reading more. It’s amazing seeing how far your business has come and how you guys have managed to form such strong friendships too! x

  • Juani

    It is so nice to know how Ecobaba started and how friendship and love for nappies form this amazing shop!

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